About Us


Our Mission Statement

Empowering disadvantaged at-risk youth, by providing them no cost training to obtain employment in the maritime field.


Our History

Our training program is mirriored off a very successful program that is no longer in operation. 


Our Goals

We have a 100% course completion rate that we will strive to maintain. We currently have an 80% rate of hire upon course graduation. Our goal is to increase the successful hiring rate of our students.  

Our Curriculum


We are a vocational program that assists disadvantaged, at-risk youth, to become successful Merchant Mariners.  

Course date

Our current training c began Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 at the Mayport Community Center.

Course Outline

Week 1: 

UWCG  NVIC  01-95  -  Entry level safety familiarization for towing vessel person

Week 3: 

Monday – Safe Line Handling

Tuesday – API Safe Rigging

Wednesday – API Safe Rigging

Thursday – API Safe Rigging

Week 4:

Monday – OSHA First Responder (Operations)

Tuesday – OSHA First Responder

Wednesday – OSHA First Responder

Thursday – OSHA 7635 – Shipyard Employment

Friday – OSHA 7635 – Shipyard Employment

Week 5:

Monday - Safe Line Handling /Dock Lines

Tuesday – Damage Control

Wednesday – USCG Environmental Regulations

Thursday – Oil Spill Response

Friday – Underway T/V Retriever

Week 6:

Monday – Introduction to Marine Electrical Systems

Tuesday – Direct and Alternating Current

Wednesday – How to use a multimeter, How to strip wire

Thursday – How to solder and crimp wire connections

Friday – Underway T/V Retriever

Week 7:

Monday – Introduction to ABYC Marine Electrical Standard E11

Tuesday – Complying with ABYC Standard E11

Wednesday – Marine Electrical Practical

Thursday – Knot tying

Friday – Underway T/V Retriever

Week 8: 

Monday – ABYC Marine Systems

Tuesday – ABYC Marine Systems

Wednesday – ABYC Marine Systems

Thursday – Knot Tying

Friday – Underway T/V Retriever

Week 9: 

Monday – Diesel Engines Startup and Troubleshooting

Tuesday – Diesel Engines Belts and changing Fuel/Oil Filters

Wednesday – Diesel Engines Bleeding Engine Fuel System

Thursday – Cooling System, Impellers

Friday – Diesel Engines Shaft Seals

Week 10: 

Monday – Knot tying

Tuesday – Line Handling

Wednesday – Towing

Thursday – Underway T/V Retriever

Friday – Underway T/V Retriever

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